What if my garage plug outlets and/or outdoor plug/outlets are not working (no power)? Or if my bathroom power outlets have no power?

A lot of homes are designed now with exterior plug outlets attached through a GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter) in bathrooms and garages. If a large power surge or faulty equipment is plugged into one of the outlets the GFI will trigger off the electricity to a number of plug outlets. To better explain, a GFI is a receptacle (power outlet) designed to trip from a hot to ground interruption of a power overload. Therefore if the GFI power outlet is tripped there might be an underlying problem with the device you are plugging into the outlet with.

What if a light fixture is flickering?

Flickering can be caused from either a loose connection or a voltage drop. Also a compact fluorescent bulb controlled by a dimmer switch will also cause flickering.

What if some power outlets and/or lights are not working?

Start with breakers (located on the exterior of your home in what is called a ‘breaker box’). If all breakers appear in order (all fully in the ‘On’ position, not cocked half way) then your problem is either a break in the circuit wiring or a main breaker issue. At this point you need to contact a licensed electrical contractor.

How are some ways I can save money on my electric bill?

Locate and make use of energy star appliances, LED lighting, energy efficient pool pump motors, compact fluorescent bulbs, timer on swimming pool and water heaters, motion detecting switches on rooms such as bathrooms, children’s rooms, etc.